Imprisoned Love

     Justice could be as blind as love.


“But, Papa it’s not always about being the kind princess. I too have a life of my own. I own myself before anybody else owns me.” Alicia explains to her stubborn father.

“NO! Till now I’ve always given in to your every wish, Alicia. But not anymore. You have to marry Prince Dave. You like him or not, is non of my concern. Love is grown between two individuals, it doesn’t just develop. You have to know him first, then give your statement.” King Octavius roared.

At this conversation, Alicia stomped her foot like a child she was, at 17 years of age and stormed out of the room. Streams of tears pouring down her  fair, soft and porcelain cheeks.

Her father had accepted the marriage proposal sent by King James, who owns the land of Thames. His son, as per her father says is the most handsome, capable, kind and responsible man ever known to Thames. But from what she heard, one night when she was on her secret getaways, was that he was a womanizer, using them and throwing them aside, changing them more frequently than his clothes. She had heard about his scandalous nature. Getting into trouble, Acting innocent, proving himself innocent by one or the other way even if someone else’s life goes at stake and then? Having one of those infamous parties or balls at the castle.

Was this the kind of man her father wanted her to marry? No wonder, King James was one of the powerful kings in the country. Lying is a very essential part in being a leader anyway. Her father was being fooled and she knew it. Then too, she can’t utter a word about her knowing the truth. If she does, then chaos will occur. First, she will have to suffer her father’s wrath. Second, the guards who let her escape will be hanged to death. Third, their relations with King James will get ruined, which is not at all a good thing.


What should Alicia do now?



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